Homes at Abbey Road


The overall concept of Abbey Road is unlike most developments of its size not only because of the site design that emphasizes community, but also the variety of floor plan layouts offered among the 18 homes. There is a home that fits a variety of needs and preferences: most have garages in the basement level, while others have ground floor parking. The corner units have windows on 3 sides, while the middle units have windows on two sides, with a clerestory and open concept floor plan to bring in additional sunlight. Three units are in the two historic buildings that will be beautifully restored and rebuilt and converted into residences.

At first glance, one wonders where the garage is on the majority of homes at Abbey Road. A closer look reveals that the two-car garage is under your home. This concept takes advantage of a naturally sloping site, and offers residents full use of the ground floor space. By contrast, typical homes of this size have a two car garage on the ground floor, which compromises both first floor living area and blocks incoming natural light.

For homes with the garage in the basement level, we offer the option of a residential elevator. This provides complete use of all levels of your home, from basement to upper level without the need for constant use of stairs. Moving heavy boxes, groceries or laundry now is easy and convenient.

The homes at Abbey Road will be made of high quality and low maintenance materials, energy efficient and quiet building systems, and an open floor plan that emphasizes natural light, convenience and simplicity. Each home will be Energy Star Rated and LEED for Homes Certified.


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Features & Finishes

Abbey Road's architectural vision is inspired by early 20th century architecture with an arts and crafts sensibility.  Quality construction and unique design details, etc.  All homes are energy star rated and leed certified, etc etc.  We invite you to take a look below at the various homes available.  Click on a feature below to view more information: